What is a voting ambassador?

Calling all students who want to volunteer and make a difference! Hawk the Vote is recruiting voting ambassadors from across campus to help get the word out about the upcoming elections. Voting ambassadors will be expected to commit approximately 1-2 hours per week from mid-August to mid-November, and their time will be spent participating in trainings, posting on social media, and contacting their friends! This is a very simple, low time-commitment way to play an instrumental role in making sure your fellow Hawkeyes are excited to vote and have all the information they need. Work done by voting ambassadors can be done either virtually or in-person based on tabling availability and level of comfortability with in-person work.

How can you get involved?

If you are interested in being a voting ambassador, please fill out the form below to express your interest and once we start our training process we will reach out to you. Once we begin our training process, Hawk the Vote will provide you with training materials, virtual Zoom check-in's, and all the tools you will need to ensure you are ready to reach out and engage with your friends about voting. Voting ambassadors will complete a 2-hour training session online and then take part in biweekly meetings with other voting ambassadors that are lead by and executive team member. Throughout the two months, they will be asked to share voting related content on their own social media pages and text a list of up to 100 people they know personally to see if they have questions about voting or the voting process. Voting ambassadors will not be asked to contact anyone they don’t know personally, making this a unique and comfortable relational organizing experience.

Why should you get involved?

GenZ and Millenials make up the largest eligible voting bloc in the country, but historically have turned out at much lower levels than their older peer groups. Hawk the Vote recognizes this lack of engagement is often due to misinformation rather than voter apathy. In order to reach out to students where they are at (in their student organizations/groups/extracurriculars) and get them the most accurate and relevant election information, we need the help of student leaders across campus to help educate their peers and promote voter engagement in their own personal networks.

Voting Ambassador Interest Form