Are you looking to educate your student organization, class, or department on voting specific topics? Do you need to complete the 50% workshop requirement of the 90% challenge? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, you are in the right spot!

Our team is happy to present to your group on topics that currently have workshops created for, but we are also open to do research on new topics (with approval). Setting up a workshop is as easy as filling out the interest form below and indicating the top three dates and times for us to present to your group. Once filled out, a member of the Executive Team will reach out to confirm the workshop date.

We offer presentations on the following topics:

  • Voting 101 (covers how to register to vote, make a voting plan, the importance of civic engagement, and dates for voting in Johnson County)
  • History of Voter Suppression (covers how the right to vote was established in the United States, the women's suffrage movement, and current instances of voter suppression)
  • Power of the Youth Vote (covers the importance of young voters turning out to vote and their untapped influence in politics when civic engagement in prioritized)
  • The Fight for the 26th Amendment (covers the struggles before the passing of the 26th Amendment changing the voting age from 21 to 18 and the events leading up to its passage)
  • Researching Candidates and Detecting Misinformation (covers credible sources to get information on policies and topics supported by current candidates and how to avoid misinformation in the media)
  • International Students and Civic Engagement (covers the ways students who are ineligible to vote in the United States can still remain civically engaged)
  • Custom Session specific to your organization (Needs approval. If indicated below, we will reach out first to discuss the potential workshop topic)
Workshop Interest Form
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