What is the 90% Challenge?

The 90% Challenge is a campus-wide campaign to encourage student organizations, groups, and chapters to become more civically engaged in local, state, and federal elections. If a group gets more than 90% of their affiliated students registered to vote and at least 50% of their affiliated students to participate in a civic engagement workshop with Hawk the Vote, then the group will receive a civic engagement seal from the Leadership, Service, and Civic Engagement office on campus, affirming that this group is committed to active citizenship. It is important to note that Hawk the Vote is a nonpartisan group that does not promote any one political party over another. Our primary goal is to lessen barriers to voting for college students by providing registration, education, and turnout opportunities.

How can you get involved?

Interested groups should designate one person to fill out the form at the bottom of the page to express their intention to participate. Hawk the Vote will provide any necessary materials, such as voter registration forms, pre-addressed envelopes to send forms to elections commissioners, and a short workshop on the importance of voting and being politically engaged. Hawk the Vote can also work alongside your organization to make a concrete and detailed plan for how to execute the 90% Challenge in your group successfully.

Hawk the Vote will coordinate with the organization representative to ensure your group successfully completes the 90% challenge!

Why should you get involved?

GenZ and Millenials make up the largest eligible voting bloc in the country, but historically have turned out at much lower levels than their older peer groups. Hawk the Vote recognizes this lack of engagement is often due to misinformation rather than voter apathy. In order to reach out to students where they are at (in their student organizations/groups/extracurriculars) and get them the most accurate and relevant election information, we need the help of student leaders across campus to help educate their peers and promote voter engagement in their own personal networks.

90% Challenge Interest Form

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