What is the 90% Challenge?

The 90% Challenge is a campus-wide campaign to encourage student organizations, groups, and chapters to become more civically engaged in local, state, and federal elections. Groups who successfully register 90% of their affiliated students and participate in a civic engagement workshop with Hawk the Vote will receive a civic engagement seal from the Leadership, Service, and Civic Engagement.

Iowa's Mens Track Team Completing the 90% Challenge in 2020

B1G Votes

B1G Votes is a flagship program organized by the Big Ten Conference. Official teams in the conference are eligible to compete. The universities with the highest voter turnout will receive B1G Votes' “Greatest Overall Turnout” and “Greatest Increase in Voting Rates.” In previous years, Hawk the Vote has carried out workshops for athletic teams across campus. We are proud to facilitate increased voter turnout through our work with B1G Votes alongside the 90% Challenge.

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Register Your Student Organization Today!

Ready to take the next step to civic engagement for your student organization? Email our Associate Director at studorg-htv-ad@uiowa.edu for more information!

Hawk the Vote will provide any necessary materials, such as voter registration forms, pre-addressed envelopes to send forms to elections commissioners, and a short workshop on the importance of voting and being politically engaged. We will coordinate with your organization's representative to ensure successful completion of the 90% Challenge!